Digital locks are an excellent solution. They use digital technology to provide low cost and easy to install option. This is good for buildings that need a trusted ways of access. Using keys is unpractical because of the high volume of people entering the building. Now you can come home and punch in a PIN code to get into your house. No keys required. Hands full with the kids, the shopping and what not? Press a button on a key fob or present a fingerprint to get in.

Why is a digital lock better than a key?

All locks have weaknesses. It could be something like taking a thermal spear or abrasive drill to the door. Also, it can be as dull as being able to open the lock with a screwdriver, touching two wires together. It can be even more complicated as being vulnerable to data hacking attacks.

Evaluating the pros and cons of any security option is important to pick the right option for you. Electronic locks will either fail secure or fail safe (unlocked) when they lose power. Failing secure is good, but may be illegal on some doors due to fire codes. So a simple power outage can leave a building unlocked. If an employee left the company then no need to collect their key or change any hardware. You can unlock many exit devices from distance and allow entry by things like balloons or canned air.

Generally, commercial electronic door control systems offer lots of suitability for the users. It has a potential for some notable security exploits rendering them moot not easier to be bypassed than a poorly designed mechanical system.

Residential electronic door locks have a lot of non-destructive or little destructive bypasses. This will render them moot but offer convenience that help folks to be more aware of their security. In modern commercial buildings, electronic access control is essential. Networking all the locks together in a central station allow you to grant access to certain people. This would be impossible with traditional mechanical locks.


Why are people choosing digital door locks?

1. Security

How many times did you lose your keys? Did you forget your keys outside or even worse inside the house before? Well, most of us do. Immediate action was to pray that nobody knows where you stay or change the lock as soon as possible.

The demand for digital door locks have increased over the past years because then there is no need for keys! There are various models of digital door locks. You can use them together to enhance access control in your house or business.

Types of Keyless Door Locks

  • Keypad Access digital door lock.
  • Biometric digital door lock.
  • Keyless Remote Digital door lock.
  • RFID Card Digital door lock.

All the locks have pin code access and is match with either fingerprint or even card access to gain entry.

Digital door locks also come with an alarm system whereby a break-in will trigger it. Thus, when it comes to security, will pass off better compared to normal lock.

2. Convenience

We tend to go through a lot of hassles to find our keys even when they are in our pocket. We will at least once forget them inside the car or in the office. Luckily Digital locks do not need physical keys due to the different access solution. The different types of access methods include PIN codes, Bluetooth keys and bio-metrics. Using them is convenient to avoid searching around in your purse and remove the need for replacements if you lost them. We can’t emphasize more on that digital door locks are convenient. It reduces the time spent to access houses and offices using a touch of a button, a tap of a card or via smartphones.


3. Classy & Chic

Currently using digital door locks is not only convenient but it also feels classy and modern. These locks fit any home style as it is universal and chic. They are your excellent choice if you are thinking about specific design or color to your home.


4. Featured and Practical lock

Smart digital door locks are full of features that differs them from the traditional lock. It ensures your home security while allowing you to watch the happenings of your home. These features include fire alarms for your safety. Also, keeping tabs on who is entering and leaving your home using your smartphone will give you peace of mind. Functions like granting access to guests and visitors provide greater convenience. You can do it using mobile app which guarantee great control over your home wherever you are.


Locked out of the house, office or car Without Your ID?

If you didn’t share the code with anyone and there is no way to enter then you may try the following:


1. Find an unlocked window (First Floor resident):

I hope this is not an option because you should keep all your windows closed while you are out. If there is an unlocked window then this is your way in. Lift up the window and jump through it. Be careful and aware of what furniture may be lying below the window. This is until you get a professional help.

2. Call Your Local Locksmith

Have you tried everything and ran out of options? Now you should call your local locksmith. They should come to unlock your door.


How will the locksmiths unlock the digital lock?

Password Retrieval

Forgotten or blocked passwords can be a serious problem, but you can use a locksmith service to avoid it. In case of password unlocking emergencies, a locksmith expert can recover the password or create a new one. Always use the help of a locksmith to unlock your doors if you don’t have the right tools or skills.

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